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June 2019 Newsletter

Dads Mental Health is a priority for Pillars of Strength
June 10-16 this year was Men's Health Week

it's great to see so many new initiatives getting out there to help men with their health and wellbeing.

Pillars of Strength understands that men are less frequent visitors to general practitioners, and less likely to ask for help but in times of grief, trauma and loss however the bravest and strongest thing for a man to do is ask for help.

The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health have published a poster that we found interesting and useful. You can see it below - or click here to download a full-size version
Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a sign of Strength and this is why Pillars of Strength exists.

if you have had a loss (or know a dad who has) or have a child in the NICU (or know someone who has) ensure they feel supported and acknowledged, and if you are struggling or you know someone is, ask for help or guide them to help because they are not alone.

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how are you going?

TimeOut Events

One of the most popular services of Pillars of Strength is the TimeOut events. Free tickets to sporting events for dads to take themselves and at least one other friend or family member.

We're sorry that we've seen to have been a bit quiet lately. However the team has been working hard on a number of things, including some new activities and programs which we hope to unveil in the near future.

Please click on the button below to see what the current activities that are currently available and register online.

Alternatively, if you can't find anything for you, drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to get involved in.
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We are keen to support Kate Obst - a researcher from Adelaide who is undertaking valuable research that may prove helpful to us in our journeys. We would encourage you to take the time to complete her survey.

The results may help to inform future support services for men and bereavement care guidelines in Australia.
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Research on the Grief Experiences of Australian Men Following Pregnancy/Neonatal Loss
Researchers from the University of Adelaide are conducting research to better understand men’s grief following pregnancy loss and neonatal loss. They are currently seeking men who have experienced the loss of a baby in Australia within the last 20 years at any stage of pregnancy, or within the first 28 days of life, to complete a survey on their experiences.

The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. The results may help to inform future support services for men and bereavement care guidelines in Australia.

To participate in the survey, please click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MenPregnancyLossSurvey

For more information on this program of research, please visit the research web page: https://health.adelaide.edu.au/mens-grief

For questions, contact Kate Obst (kate.obst@adelaide.edu.au) or Dr Clemence Due (clemence.due@adelaide.edu.au).

Welcome to the new PoS Manager

We are excited and pleased to welcome Julia Bowen to the role of Manager for Pillars of Strength.

Dads Mental Health is a priority for Pillars of Strength and the board looks forward to working closely with Julia to consolidate and build our programs and our support for dads so they can support their families.

Julia comes with significant leadership and management experience in the corporate and not for profit space and looks forward to building the organisation so that it can support more men.

Personally Julia is a bereaved mum and had another child spend time in the NICU.
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I am thrilled to be working at Pillars of Strength, and I want to get stuck in straight away. I have something that I need your help with.

We want to put together and publish a list of simple things that we can all do to help dads suffering from bereavement or with babies in the NICU. Often our friends are at a loss as to what to do - they really want to help, but just don't know how.

Could you please drop me a line and tell me about what worked for you (and maybe the well-intentioned things that didn't)?
I may need to get back to you to make sure I get it right before we publish the list, so can you please email me your phone number as well?

You can email me at julia@pillarsofstrength.com.au or call me on my mobile 0412 644 464.

A Big Thank You to our Supporters

From small beginnings our programs are rapidly expanding but we can only move as quickly as our support will allow. And there’s more than one way for you to lend a hand. And every little bit counts and whatever you can do is truly appreciated.

At Pillars of Strength we are grateful for the amazing generosity of our ever-growing supporter group and we look forward to being able to thank you personally in the near future.

We always welcome your donations to help us continue to provide our services to our dads.
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