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Losing a child is one of the most painful and devastating experiences that someone can go through. Sadly, so many men, once excited at the prospect of being a dad (many for the first time), never get to experience a “normal” child birth. Some also never get to experience a “normal” fatherhood. These men are part of a club that swells by over 3,000 new members each year through stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss alone Here are some of their stories:

From Dads

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    My Story. Anonymous Dad

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    My Story. David Moffett

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    My Story. Ben Howard

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    My Story. Ryan Calkin

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    My Story. Matt Silvester

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    My Story. Ben Sladic

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    My Story. Jarrod Maher

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    My Story. Gary Sillett

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    My Story. Adam Awty

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Pillars of Strength provides respite and support to dads facing significant family trauma. It gives dads the opportunity to access events for a bit of “time out” and it delivers practical assistance for dads throughout these periods of intense distress.


Pillars of Strength aims to provide funding and other support to reduce immediate stressors by helping to meet day to day expenses for families during times of their child’s severe illness or even loss of life during prolonged hospitalisation.

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From small beginnings our programs are rapidly expanding but we can only move as quickly as our support will allow.And there’s more than one way for you to lend a hand. And every little bit counts and whatever you can do is truly appreciated.

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